Pixel Heroes - Endless Arcade Runner

Pixel Heroes - Endless Arcade Runner
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Pixel Heroes – The most difficult Auto-Runner on the App Store

Pixel Heroes is an endless arcade-style Jump and Run in pixel design. It is without a doubt one of the hardest Auto-Runner on the App Store. Prepare for a nearly impossible challenge in the world of Pixel Heroes. Discover different worlds and enemies in the Story Mode. Every world that you complete will unlock the appropriate survival mode. Use Power-Ups to fight your way through the different worlds. The more distance you travel in the survival mode, the higher your score. Collect coins to unlock a bunch of unique Heroes.

Train to improve your skills and break through the top of the leaderboard. Show off and share your highscore with your friends. How long can you survive?

How to play

▶ Tap the right side of the screen to jump (The longer you hold the higher you jump)
▶ Tap the left side of the screen to shoot (Destroy enemy bullets by shooting them)
▶ Complete worlds in the story mode to unlock the survival mode
▶ Avoid the enemies and spikes and don’t fall into the holes


▶ Pixel Design
▶ Game Center Leaderboard
▶ Story Mode and Survival Mode
▶ 5 Worlds with unique scenery and music
▶ 13 Unlockable Pixel Heroes with unique design
▶ Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

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