Nitro Chimp Grand Prix

Nitro Chimp Grand Prix
Новое за август 2017
Категория: Игры, Гонки, Аркады Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Hop on your motorcycle and race across the world at high-octane speeds with a crew of wild and woolly creatures!! Join Nitro and his friends as they boost, flip, and smash their way to first place in the most intense arcade racer to hit the App Store.

Nitro Chimp Grand Prix features:

ONE FINGER RACING - Swipe left and right to switch between lanes and hit the right race lines.

BOOST TO WIN - Rocket through races with nitro packs, chilies, and even super chilies (oh yeah!).

BUMPIN’ COMBAT - Smash through your opponents with bumps, and collisions to get the winning edge.

GIANT STUNTS - Chain together the biggest and most radical stunts to win with style!

5 GAMEPLAY MODES - Race against speedy animals in a Speed Cup, score the biggest points in a Style Cup, beat the clock in Time Attack, battle one-on-one against fierce competitors in a VS Cup, and test your endurance in epic Tournaments.

ANYTIME MULTIPLAYER - Pick up and play against your virtual friends anytime with AI modified by their play patterns.

OFFLINE PLAY - No persistent connection required! Turn on airplane mode and race to your heart's content.

COOL CUSTOMIZATIONS - Choose from hundreds of different combinations of suits, helmets, and other awesome gear to add that personal flair.

SHOW OFF YOUR STYLE - Snap photos anytime you want during a race at any angle with a simple-to-use photo button. Share with your friends!

SYNC YOUR GAME - Connect to Facebook to sync progress and continue where you left off on any of your favorite iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices

Join the official Facebook page to find new players to race against:
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