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When the screens make a horizontal line perfectly, slice enemy and get them all !

Get the Gold(coin) for unlocking various Ninjas!

Clear the whole story of Ninja for the last ending.

Test Yourself in Infinite mode.

This game is not an endless game. You can see the ending soon if you are enjoying this game.

This game is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for some ninja game.
Get it right away and become a ninja master in this exciting action game!

This game has unique game play you never seen before and this game shows retro-based beautiful graphics, exciting music and simple controls.
Focus on moving folding screens. When you see all the folding screens on same line, just swipe your finger.
You will experience new pleasures to defeat multiple enemies at once.

■■■ FEATURES ■■■
- Retro style graphics
- New style ninja action.
- various mode & stages
- Unlock New ninja
- 'ISSEN' means slash in Japanese.
- Global leaderboard & achievement

■■■ How to play ■■■
When the game starts, the folding screens move.
Swipe the screen when enemies stand in a row!

■ Issen
When you defeat all enemies at once, we called it 'Issen'. At that time, Ninja shows special action.

■ Attack
When you FAIL to attack, you will get damage.

■ Super Issen
If you make 'Issen' for 3 consecutive times, 'SUPER ISSEN' button will be displayed.
When you press the 'SUPER ISSEN' button, special Issen action will display.
Each ninja has a different 'SUPER ISSEN' action. You can unlock new ninjas and you can see all the SUPER ISSEN.

■ Stages
There are 3 chapters and each chapter have 20 stages. (Total 60 stages)
End of the each chapters, you can see special enemy.

■ Infinite Challenge
Challenge high score in infinite mode to become the best ninja.

■ Ninja Characteristic
Each of the eleven ninjas has their own unique Characteristic and abilities.
Unlock all the ninjas and find a ninja which fits your taste.

■■■ Notice ■■■
- Some of the proceeds will be returned to society through donations.
- In-game data is saved at local only and not stored on the server.
- When you delete This game, all the save data will delete together.
- Purchased items(NoAds, Kunoichi) is restored even if the game is deleted.
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