Mobo Hide and Seek

Mobo Hide and Seek
Новое за август 2017
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It’s always a good time to nurture your child's curiosity. The perfect game for young explorers. Let’s play Hide & Seek

The aim of the game is to find different animals that are hidden in a huge house. While searching you can eat some vegetables, watch tv, play with a teddy bear or a train, have fun with some pink soak bubbles and much more.

Try to stay focused, but on the other hand - there is no stress and time limit… so - just enjoy!

Is someone calling? Better check it out and pick up the phone. Mr. Parrot can have some important business to talk about :)

And what about creating your own song by playing… the sunflowers? Yes, everything is possible in the Mobo Hide & Seek world.

You notice an elegant hat? Don't hesitate to try it on! Or maybe a crown is more in your style:)?

Feel like drawing? Take a chalk and create something special. Your painting will embellish the house.

You can also ride on a rocking horse, take a ride on a slide or simply skateboard… possibilities are endless!

Hide&Seek is a very interactive game - click on the calendar and learn about the days of the week and month or just use the printer and learn numbers.

What is unique about Hide & Seek is that this app stimulates different areas of child’s development. Your kid will choose the area that he or she is interested in - and naturally discover their talent. Because this is how it happens - we naturally choose to do things that we’re good at and that we’ve potential to achieve greatness in. We just need to have an opportunity to do that early enough in our life.

If we let our kids choose freely, observe them and encourage them to find their really, absolutely favourite thing to do :) - we will be able to help them grow. And that’s the most valuable and greatest thing EVER :)

This may be music - you’ll see that - while playing Hide&Seek - your kid is constantly stopping by Musical Sunflowers.

This may be math and science - your toddler enjoys simple math games and seems to be intrigued by them.

This may be art - the young player prefers to take a chalk and spend some time drawing on the blackboard.

Or maybe you have a future fashion designer at your house and you don’t even realize it?

Whichever talent is your kid blessed with (or maybe more than one?) - it’s about time to know.

Key features:
- Safe uninterrupted play - no in-app purchases or third-party advertising
- No inappropriate content
- No time limits. Kids play and learn at their own pace
- 8 different animals: Cool Parrot, Little Kitty, Joyful Dinosaur, Sneaky Racoon, Strong & Fit Rabbit, Elegant Penguin, Mr. Dog and Clever Fox
- A huge interactive house with a basement and an attic - so many places to hide at
- Toddlers can improve their perceptivity through fun
- Learn numbers and calendar
- App tested by kids - perfect for little fingers
- Something for parents :) - cool, unique stickers!
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