Medieval Smackdown

Medieval Smackdown
Новое за январь 2018
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Спорт Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Join the medieval PvP arena and battle your friends in real time! Take the role of the mighty Crusader, neck-breaking Legionnaire or merciless Executioner and stomp your enemies to the dust.

It's all about attacking at just the right moment. Use the arena surrounding to your advantage, pick up speed at the ropes and don't get smashed by the giant ball!

There are special moves you can make at the ropes, so use them well to maximize your smackdown power.

Can't overcome your enemy with regular moves? Power up and unleash your special move. Every hero has their own special ability, and releasing a hot-searing fireball or a whirlwing of deadly blades can turn the tide of the battle.

Collect mana to speed up your gladiator, pickup hammer and shield to enhance your combat abilities and lucky horse-shoes to instantly release your special superpower.

Upgrade your gladiator after every battle won to dominate the arena.

Game Features:

- realtime PVP multiplayer
- multiple medieval gladiators
- leaderboards
- fast-paced combat and battles
- hero upgrading
- arenas with different game mechanics
- power ups popping on the battlefield
- simple controls
- betting on your skills

Download Medieval Smackdown now, choose your battle banner and head out for glory.
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