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Invent and build any machine that you can imagine, from simple gliders to complex spacecrafts, and use them to explore the world by air, land, and water! Overcome obstacles like blowing winds, rough seas, dark caves, wild jungles, hot deserts, and freezing mountains to finally reach the infinite space. Boldly go, where no man has gone before - the only limit is your imagination!

- Realistic simulation of aerodynamics like wind friction, lift, drag, pressure, temperature and fluids
- Use more than 50 block types to create any machine you can imagine
- Gather many different resources like wood, stone and metals
- Procedurally generated graphics
- Big randomly generated world
- 5 different climate zones
- Many obstacles to overcome like rough seas, wild jungles, freezing mountains and finally the infinite space
- Compare your achievements with others and be the first to do a supersonic flight, overcome the desert or reach outer space

In order to provide the best playing experience, Machinaero is a natively written game exclusively available on iOS.
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