Lunar Ledge

Lunar Ledge
Новое за октябрь 2017
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики 75 р. Оценка пользователей
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Strap on your wingsuit and charge down towering networks of ledges for planet sized fun in this 360º adventure. Use air resistant wing physics to perform death defying dives and carve a route through massive and open worlds. The deeper you dive, the bigger the bonus. The odds are stacked in favor of the courageous, the thrill seekers, and the adrenaline junkies. Just remember, don't be afraid of heights.

Tired of button mashing? A touch screen shouldn’t pretend to be a traditional game controller, it should be better. Come on, it’s a touch screen. Lunar Ledge game mechanics center around the incredible power, flexibility, and precision of touch control. You'll feel the difference, down to the degree. With increased control comes improved immediacy and presence. In a game centered around facing your fear of heights, 360 degrees of freedom not only increases immersion, but maximizes fear.

The best way to display your abilities is head to head. That's why Lunar Ledge gives you local multiplayer with 3 round tournaments and the ability to choose your course's world and height. Want to gloat about your latest score? Use Instant Replay for iPhone 6 and up to rewatch, edit, and share your favorite moments on social media and messengers. Then compare your score with other Lunar Ledge players on GameCenter Leaderboards to prove you’re the king.

Get ready for a new breed of fun conceptualized for the touch screen. This original, unique, and extreme concept takes handheld games to towering new heights. Lunar Ledge breaks genres to feed adrenaline junkies' appetites for high speeds, massive worlds, and extreme heights. This is the way mobile gaming was supposed to be. Elevate your game. The next time you tell tall tales, they'll be real.

• No Ads or In-App Purchases
• Tons of Levels and Massive, Open Worlds
• Wingsuit with Air Resistant Physics
• Local Multi-Player
• Beautiful Worlds, Original Hand-Drawn Art
• Mobile Optimized, Realistic Graphics with Physically Based Rendering
• 3 Immersive Environments
• Dynamic Physics
• Customizable Camera
• Instant Replay available on iPhone 6 and up & iOS 9 and up for viewing, editing and sharing your highlights.
• New Game, New Genre, & New Studio
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