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Jelly Crusher is all new arcade puzzle pop game inspired by the vibrantly cool jelly candies, sweets and deserts. The goal in this cute yet ultra-challenging game however is to destroy and crush the jellies as fast as possible. Remember, sweets can be crashed faster with precision, great decision making and using the right weapons to powerfully crush the delicious jelly candy. Start the game and become the ultimate Jelly Crusher.

You are controlling an arrow with different strength and length power (tap and move to roll around or swipe with different length to release). The angle also differs as well as the weapons. Don’t be surprised if you get powerful rockets to pop the jelly shapes. Try to do your best so you can get the most coins each level. We guarantee you will feel real excitement every time the jelly bubble pops and you crush it with your weapon!

While you complete your missions and destroying cool looking jelly characters you will get coins for each finished level. Use the coins wisely to purchase weapons that will help you dominate this pop puzzle crush. These game helpers come in form of boomerangs, thunders, bubbles, bouncy etc. Take care of weapons because in many cases they can be your only hope against time and item limit! Each shot matters so always try to be precise in this jelly bubble crush pop puzzler.

Jelly Crusher features:
- levels with different missions
- original gameplay
- vibrant cool graphics
- lively and bubbly jelly movements when the jelly are exploding
- exquisite sound effects
- multiple weapons available to purchase
- impressive jelly opponent characters
- takes the bubble pop genre to another level with a cool twist
Hop into an unforgettable journey through the sweet land.
Get Jelly Crusher for FREE!
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