Greedy Gods - Spin the Wheel

Greedy Gods - Spin the Wheel
Новое за сентябрь 2017
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Welcome to the thrilling world of Greedy Gods! Spin the wheel of fate and earn gold coins, build amazing islands, attack & steal from other players, protect your kingdom and expand to new territories.

Spin The Wheel Of Fate
Get free spins and win free gold coins that will help you expand your territory to new islands. If you're lucky enough, you can attack other players and even steal gold coins from them! You can also try to win a powerful shield, which will help you defend your islands from future attacks.

Attack & Protect
Attack and steal gold coins from other players to gain glory. If you attack other islands - You’ll gain power under our lighting meter which will allow you to supercharge the wheel of fate in the future. If you steal from other islands - You’ll get gold coins that will help you advance in the game.

Create Amazing Islands
Create stunning islands and upgrade your buildings using Greedy Gods’ island shop. Explore and find additional islands which will help you expand to new territories!

Join your friends
Connect with your friends via Facebook and get awesome gifts! Get 25 free spins for every friend who joins Greedy Gods! Send Precious gifts to your friends, follow your friend rankings and much more!

Become A Greedy God and start playing the most addictive mobile game of 2017!!

Additional Features:
• Create amazing islands and expand your heavenly kingdom
• Attack & steal from other players to gain gold & glory
• Level up and unlock awesome new abilities
• Super charge the wheel of fate and win insane jackpots
• Worldwide Rankings - See who’s the most powerful Greedy God in the world
• Beautiful graphics, addictive and fun gameplay
• Totally Free to play

* Please note that you can purchase additional in-game items. If you don't want to use this feature, you can disable your in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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