Gentoo - A Penguin relaxation game

Gentoo - A Penguin relaxation game
Новое за июнь 2017
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One of life's greatest challenges is to notice life happening. In a world where connectivity doesn't always mean connection; where the quicker the better and time off is time wasted - only a few have learnt the art of going slow.

Workers and players. Big dreams and big families. We all need time to escape and reconnect with the only person our phone is yet to allow us to talk too. Gentoo is a paradise. A home away from home where your thoughts can wander to natural sounds and your focus can be brought back to the present while you tend to your colony of penguins.

Mindfulness in its purest form - we plan not to direct your thoughts or control your breathing. Simply let you to think about whatever you would think about, be wherever you would be, or drift wherever you would drift if you had nothing else to worry about.

Just your thoughts, nature and music. Learn the art of going slow.

- Clean your island, hatch eggs and replenish food to keep your colony thriving.
- Relaxing soundtrack designed to let your mind drift when you need to relax.
- A living ecosystem for you to watch. Bring your focus back to the present and clear your mind.

Coming soon:
- Multiple islands! Grown your colony to fill the island? Balance more while keeping your mind heathy.
- A variety of ecosystems! Keep an eye on our social media for votes and giveaways as to what you'd like to see next.
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