Future Strike

Future Strike
Новое за сентябрь 2017
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Future Strike is a third person shooting game, where you blast your way out of the apocalypse!

Improve your power by researching firearms, new equipment, aircrafts and various support tools! Use dual sticks to control your character in battle, focus fire, ambush the enemies, and use exploding items! Explore and master the different game modes, such as 3v3 Arena, campaign co-op, Legion BOSS and Raids!

---A post-apocalyptic world, next level graphics---
With a detailed top-down view, you can overlook the battlefield clearly, allowing for fast and informed decisions! Jump, roll, but more importantly, destroy anything standing in your way!

--- Dual-sticks controls ---
Using dual sticks to control your character, you can move around easily while shooting enemies! The Super Jump, Grenade, Machine Armor are just some of the many ways to prevail in battle! Find your best fighting style, and seize the victory!

--- Tactical supplies, many strategies -
Unlock all the weapons, equipment, mechs, support items and use the best combination to blast your enemies and reign supreme in PvP!

--- Various enemies with their own skills ---
Zombie, mutant, and alien, you name it! They’re all here to invade Earth! Take up arms and reclaim mankind’s homeland by shooting them out of the way!

--- Many different game modes ---
3v3 Arena, campaign co-operation, Legion BOSS and Raids. Experience them all, and become the hero mankind needs, but doesn’t deserve!

--- iPhone 6, iPad 4 and above supported ---
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