Foodie Tower: Idle Shop Tycoon

Foodie Tower: Idle Shop Tycoon
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I’m often out of place because I look different from others. Facing their mockery, as a person who has nothing but a good appetite, I will change the world with gourmet. No, I will conquer the universe with gourmet!
——A message from Prince Poppy

Foodie Tower is an idle shop operation game developed by Corn Game Studio. In this game, you will run a number of food shops and create a tasty tower of your own! Earn huge profits, unlock more planets and conquer the universe with tasty food! Or recruit assistants and build a league of shop managers! Each type of food corresponds to a distinctive R&D system, which will challenge your cooking skill!

[Game Features]
- Easily tap and play to expand your tasty tower.
- Recruit all kinds of shop managers, match them in dozens of ways to assist you to accomplish your great course of food empire.
- Various unique food R&D system, hundreds of delicious food waiting for you.
- Stock market simulation. Invest properly and make a fortune!

The foodie prince builds a food empire from scratch!
Tap and play to become a billionaire easily!
Build a tasty tower and conquer the universe with delicious food!
Recruit assistants and build a league of shop managers!
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