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Enjoy character progression and even real-time online PVP!

All the fun and strategy of a MOBA in an RPG!

▶An engrossing storyline continued in the world of Chaos◀
The vast world and engaging storyline of Chaos have gone mobile. Dive into ChaosMasters and go beyond Chaos!

▶Fun and exciting mind games and tactics combined with advanced strategies◀
Use your own strategy with Heroes, Skill Combinations, and Spell/Dispel to win battles! Compete on equal footing with other players using max-enhanced heroes in a battle of pure skill and true mastery.

▶Heroes in Chaos are coming back in an RPG◀
The unique heroes of Chaos have returned in an RPG! Collect unique and attractive Heroes and develop them into the finest warriors to save the world from chaos!

▶Tons of content that unfolds in an expansive world◀
Campaigns full of exciting adventures and engaging storyline of Chaos, Raids offering breathtaking experience for you and your friends, and a variety of PvP modes where you can compete with other players in dynamic battles! Come and join us now!

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