Bridge Balls

Bridge Balls
Новое за июль 2017
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Bridge Balls is the newest time killer and one of the most fun arcade games out there! Tap your screen to stop the blocks and construct a bridge for your ballsz so they can keep rolling and get you a higher score.

•Play a fun action game
•Unlock a variety of ballz
•Stop the blocks in time to collect diamonds
•Get better and beat yourself or your friend's score
•Be one of the best and reach the leaderboard
•Last but not least: have a fun run!

Easy to play, hard to be good at!

Bridge Balls is a game with a simple concept: build a bridge to help the ball you choose to keep on rolling until it either falls from the structure or stops in one block. By tapping the screen once when the current block is moving you will stop it to help your ball get past it, is an easy purpose popular games like Flappy Birds in the past had. The hard part is to keep on getting your blocks straight and get your bridge construction right for as long as you can.

Perfect action game to play anytime

Are you waiting for the bus and want to fill your time with something more than watching street signs and commercials? Bridge Balls is the perfect game for that as it doesn't require you to be stuck with the phone in your hands for hours and hours, you can just have a quick game anywhere and anytime.
Are you on a long train journey or at work in your break and you don't have anything better to do? Kill the boredom with this fun bridge construction one tap game to simply get better, unlock more ballsz and show your friends your amazing hand-eye coordination and timing.

Unlock more ballz

This game is all about: balls, ballsz, ballzzz – use the one you like as long as you understand what it means (and no, is not the slang term you're thinking of right now, they're literally balls)! The more you play the higher the chances you unlock more of those: basketball, soccer ball and even more! The different types of balls also move in a certain way on the bridge; some are lighter and move through one block before you blink, some are heavier and move slower; some can be smaller and have a longer run on one block, while others are bigger. Unlock all of them and have a fun run with your favorite one!

Have fun, but don't overdo it

You already checked the game out and you're loving it? That's amazing and we're glad we can offer you a new entertaining experience on your smartphone, but make sure you don't overdo it! Do you still remember the Flappy Birds or Temple Run mania some years ago? People would play all day to try to beat their scores and some were even breaking their phones in frustration of getting close to their best score or run and fail.
Like everything else in life, we recommend you to play this in moderation and just have fun with it. Smartphones are affordable nowadays, but you shouldn't change it every day because of mobile games or applications.

Keep on checking the game out

We, at NEM Games, have big plans for this game and there will be a lot of updates in the close future, from introducing achievements you can unlock to bigger changes that will keep Bridge Balls up to date and as fun as possible! Make sure you check the page on our store for updates from time to time and give the game another chance, you might enjoy it even more than the first time. Don't forget to tell your family, friends, and pets about it! Your pet pig might actually love the game, but don't let your cat close to your smartphone for a long time, trust us!

Check us out!

We got the ballz rolling (pun intended), but Bridge Balls is not our one and only jewel. Make sure to check our social media pages and website for more information to find out what we've got in store (another pun intended) for the near future. Also make sure to hit us up on Facebook or Discord if you have any technical difficulties or issues with Bridge Balls.

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