Alien Demons TD: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense Games

Alien Demons TD: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense Games
Новое за август 2017
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Стратегии 229 р. Оценка пользователей
Protect human base from infinite and intensive invasions of Alien demons with in the middle of the Galaxy World in 2025.

BUILD LONG PATHS to keep your enemies in the battle and protect your base. Use unique, powerful towers sent from a mother craft as weapons to conquer your enemies.

Each kind of these alien demons has a specific skill or wear armor that requires certain kind of weapons to deal with.

Build strategic plans and use the most effective towers to go into the battle and conquer all of the enemies. Defense your base!

Alien Demons TD: 3D Sci-fi Tower Defense is a Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense game with LOTS OF FUN. There are extra fun maps for you to discover and enjoy funny moments. Imagine of battling in a place where all of your enemies get bigger, run dizzily fast or solving puzzles of guiding demons to your trap. Extremely fun!


• One of the best 3D sci-fi games for all kinds of users
• Battle in the middle of galaxy world, discover so many stars in a sci-fi game
• Strategic Gameplay, Build long paths for the most damage, a typical feature of classic tower defense – TD game
• Play extra fun maps with funny puzzles and bizarre enemies.
• Pre-order the turrets sent from the mother craft, the craft will send the turrets to your battle when you have enough money
• Define the corelation between the enemies and turrets, build the most effective ones.
• Various new and unique enemies and towers like the invisible demons and the detectors.
• Play two levels of difficulty to challenge yourself.

Try game Alien Demons TD now and get your army ready for a war in the sci-fi world!
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