Air Strike - Galaxy Shooter

Air Strike - Galaxy Shooter
Новое за июль 2018
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Love shooting alien monsters? Like to blow them up and defend our galaxy? If absolutely YES,Air Strike - Galaxy Shooter is the best shoot em up game for you.

Our beautiful galaxy is under attack by evil alien monsters, and all are calling you, the Space Defender! As the guardian of the galaxy, you are the last hope of all civilians. You will take control of your aerocraft and fight against those space intruders, stopping their evil invading plans. Make sure that each battle you enter will be an epic one and shoot down every single monster that dares to swarm all over our galaxy.
Fail to strike the evil down? Never surrender, you brave shooter! Try again and take your revenge on the alien invaders.

* Tap screen and hold to move and hunt down all invaders.
* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.

Air Strike is an arcade shooting game, with attracting features:
- Stunning graphics
- Marvelous lighting and special effects
- A broad range of deadly dangerous enemies: Hunt down every single monster to defend the galaxy
- A variety of enraged bosses: Fight challenging and fierce boss battles and wipe out all of the evil squadron.
- Simple basic top down shooting gameplay: No tutorial required.
- Multiple choice of aerocrafts: Each one has its own strengths special abilities for you to explore.
- Rewarded missions and achievements: Finish them all to gain huge!
- Various types of drone: What's better than having your sidekick in extreme space fights? Your squad will definitely ace the fights!
- Different modes being developed: Boss Battle and Endless, each of them full of breathtaking actions!

Feel the strengths of space force and enjoy simple but challenging space battles!

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