Wars of the Roses - Rosenkönig

Wars of the Roses - Rosenkönig
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Experience thrilling matches in “Wars of the Roses – The Rose King” – either against your friends, players worldwide or against the AI in the campaign mode. Which player will apply the best tactics and get the right cards?

Wars of the Roses is a card game about influence and territories. It is set in 15th-century England where two families – the House of York under the white rose and the House of Lancaster under the red rose – are fighting a fierce war for the English crown. Which family can seize upon more territories – and thus more influence – than the other? With the right tactics it’s up to you to decide in the rose war.
Exciting medieval board game tactics based upon the classic and awarded original board game by Dirk Henn.
There are three very important rules that are easy to learn:

I. To claim a territory, use the might cards to move the king’s crown in the direction and over the distance indicated.
II. Use one out of four heroes at your disposal to snatch a previously claimed territory from your enemy.
III. The player who controls the largest coherent territory at the end of the game wins the game.

Wars of the Roses can be played against the computer, with friends either on the same device or via Bluetooth, or via the internet with players from all over the world.

Compare your tactics skills to members of the global Wars of the Roses community with the aid of the scoreboard and the achievements available in the Game Center.

• Simple rules quickly provide lots of fun
• Challenging AI (three levels) and exciting single-player campaign
• Three different multiplayer options: on the same device, via Bluetooth, via the internet
• Scoreboards for ‘”the best of the best”
• The board game classic by Dirk Henn

▶ “Love the game and love the app.” - ZugzwangNC
▶ “Very original game, beautifully implemented, whether you play online, or the multiple scenarios against the AI.” - Ericlepreu
▶ “Very nice game and very polished and playable” - Readerjoe93
▶ “I’m a fan to the original board game and glad to see it on iOS” - typo_kign
▶ "Over all it is a great implementation of a unique game with interesting gameplay." longago

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