Wars of the Roses - Rosenkönig

Wars of the Roses - Rosenkönig
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The Wars of the Roses for the crown of England have started again: The strategy game classic is available for iPhone and iPad!

England, in the 15th century: The house of York, bearing the white rose in their coat of arms, and the house of Lancaster with the red rose struggle for the kingship. Only the best strategists will emerge victorious from the Wars of the Roses…

Play your might cards deliberately to gain control over large, connected areas. The cunning use of your heroes will foil your opponent’s plans and bring the crown within your reach!

Wars of the Roses’ rules are simple; a comprehensive guide will get both beginners and board game veterans into the game quickly. The game is exciting at any time, because even the last moves of the game can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Wars of the Roses can be played against computer-controlled opponents, or with friends via hot seat multiplayer, or via Bluetooth or on the internet via Game Center.

Compete with other players through online leaderboards and achievements via Game Center, or replay historic battles in the challenging campaign mode for one player!


• The classic strategy game with high resolution graphics in an atmospheric presentation

• Universal app for both iPhone and iPad

• Challenging AI opponents in 3 difficulty settings; campaign with a variety of scenarios

• Various multiplayer modes: hot seat, Bluetooth, or online via Game Center

• Comprehensive introduction to the rules

• Leaderboards and achievements accessible via Game Center

(Online multiplayer, leaderboards and achievements require to access the Apple Game Center and therefore will not be available on older devices. If you would like to use these features, please make sure your device and iOS version support Game Center. However, the game is also playable without them, of course.)


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