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Space Pilot 2094

Space Pilot 2094
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Категория: Игры, Аркады, Развлечения 149p. ► 75 р. Оценка пользователей

“A fun little game taking retro back to the days of the LCD handheld... well worth the quarter of a pint of beer it cost me.”

“If you remember the Game & Watch titles you’ll love this. The attention to detail is stunning!”

“The graphical look, feel and timing is absolutely spot on.”

Space Pilot 2094 is the first in a new range of Game & Watch inspired, retro LCD games that have all been carefully designed from the ground up to look, feel, sound and play authentically. Just like the original hand-held games from the '80s – they will be easy to pick up, but difficult to master!

In Space Pilot 2094 you must guide your ship left and right, avoiding the falling asteroids while keeping an eye on your fuel level – which can be topped up whenever the tank appears at the bottom of the screen. Run out of fuel and it’s game over. Hit three asteroids – time to call Houston! As the obstacles increase and things speed up the game will get difficult, but never impossible, thanks to the clever patterns you can learn from repeated plays.

Can you ‘clock’ the game by reaching a score of 999 and resetting everything back to zero?

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