Nisses Music

Nisses Music
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Nisses Music is a 3-in-1 game with Sound Match, Groovebox and an awesome Augmented Reality mode. Made for kids and young adults, a fun play and learn experience in the wonderful world of Nisse Playful.

Practise your memory and sound recognition with the Sound Match Game. Record your own sounds and come up with unique sound match adventures.
Unleash your creativity in the Groovebox and explore wild rhythmic and melodic ideas. Learn what different instruments sounds like.
Make Nisse a part of your livingroom with the augmented reality mode, can you find the hidden secrets?

* Record your own sounds and create multiple sound match experiences.
* Sound match game with 12-32 cards.
* Cute lowpoly graphics and design
* Groovebox step sequencer with tons of cool sounds to experiment with.
* 18 instruments to unleash your creativity, save and load patterns.
* Augmented Reality mode with hidden secrets. (requires: minimum iPhone 6s)
* Localised in English, Swedish, German, French, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese.
* Complies with GDPR

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- Does contain a link to our homepage and apps via (child locked) buttons
- Does use anonymous data collection tools
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