Cell Surgeon - A Unique 3D Match 4 Strategy Game!

Cell Surgeon - A Unique 3D Match 4 Strategy Game!
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Cell Surgeon is a fun & challenging Match 4 puzzle game that requires skill & strategy to defeat the MEGAVIRUS! Discover & master 10 different viruses each with its own unique way of matching! This isn't your everyday casual match 3 game.

Play as Doctor Rylus, an amateur virologist who must save Neutron City from a deadly viral epidemic that has just crash landed on Earth! You must tap, swipe, double tap, Tap n Hold, and many other gestures to perform the ultimate cell surgery, before the virus spreads any further!

- Experience 26 intense levels in Campaign Mode!
- Discover 9 unique viruses that makes up the Megavirus!
- Perform many different touch gestures with Intuitive controls!
- Over 10 mins of 3D animated in-game cutscenes!
- Master 3 Powerups: Bioclaw, Injection, Antibiotics, that isn't an In-App Purchase gimmick!
- Defeat the Megavirus through intense boss fights!
- Beat the game to unlock Arcade mode, and try to play for highscore!

Do you have what it takes to become the Cell Surgeon?!


- "The game is actually pretty innovative, even if it follows a familiar premise and you're not a puzzle fan. 8.8/10!" - AppZoom

- "Unique take on the match 4 genre. 4/5!" - GameReviewAU

- "Heaps of fun & once again proves that sometimes you can still innovate an age old genre. 4/5!" - AntyApps
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