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Develop a mutation fixation with 3volve – the super simple, addictive puzzle game for all ages!

- Swipe to merge 2, 3 or 4 matching icon tiles. Combining 3 matching icons in one or more moves allows that icon to evolve to the next phase.
- If the board fills up and there are no more moves available, you will have the option to use a Mega Merge to combine all existing matches on the game board to free up space and keep the game alive. Mega Merges can be won or purchased.

- Swipe four in a row and get to spin the 3volve wheel for bonus tiles!
- Get enough merges and achieve a Super Evolution boost!
- Win free Mega Merges daily on Mega Slots!
- Purchase packs of Mega Merges to keep the game going!

How far can you 3VOLVE? Merge as many tiles as possible and climb the Leaderboard!
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