A Knight's Life

A Knight's Life
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A Knight's Life

A Knight's Life is the thrilling journey of a young knight in medieval times! Build your new town and explore the lands! Slay monsters, loot bandits, ransack dungeons, and complete the King's quests! Upgrading your weapons and armor makes combat invigorating!
You can also visit the local Wizard to learn magical spells! Vanquish the evil ruler of the undead, and save the Kingdom! Become everyone's hero in the cutest fantasy RPG!


•Randomly generated dungeons with 3 variations of difficulty
•Variety of enemies to fight
•NPC level scaling
•Real time of day
•Full single player campaign
•Boss Battles
•Various weapons, armor, and spells
•Offline play
•Ambient music + sound effects
•Drag and Drop inventory system
•Town upgrades
•Various weapon types + stats
•Graphics Options
•No Ad's / in-app purchases

For any bugs, issues or concerns please email us at VirtualWeaselGames@Gmail.com
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