Weather Nerd - Forecasts and Radar

Weather Nerd - Forecasts and Radar
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Weather Nerd is the ultimate weather report and forecast app!

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- Detailed daily reports (up to a year out)
- Minute-to-minute precipitation
- NEW! A special Apple Watch app
- NEW! Weather radar and satellite
- 3 widgets (next hour, day, week)

Purchase includes one year full access. After one year, you may renew your subscription via an in-app purchase.

The background (blue, orange, black) depends on the time of day and also depends on the current weather (rain, clouds, fog, etc).

NEED HELP? Weather Nerd is brand new, so we love feedback! Just e-mail weathernerdhelp at gmail dot com


When you're getting dressed, what do you want to know?

"How does today compare with yesterday?"

Weather Nerd includes a nice daily comparison:

"Today is 9° cooler than yesterday. No rain."

This makes it easy to grab the right coat.


Weather Nerd also gives you minute-by-minute rain predictions for your exact GPS location. Powered Dark Sky's cutting edge "hyperlocal precipitation forecasting system", these reports show you a nice graph of the rain intensity for the next hour based on your exact location. For example, you might see:

"Light rain starting in 10 minutes, stopping 15 minutes later."


The daily forecast screen shows you a graph of the temperature, rain, and wind for today and you can touch anywhere on the graph to view the forecast for a specific hour.

At the bottom of the screen you'll see the current temperature and other details like the high, low, chance of precipitation, wind speed and direction, moon phase, sunset, sunrise, humidity, etc.


The weekly forecast shows you a quick graph of the projected highs and lows for the next week, along with the chance of rain. You can touch any of those days to view the full forecast for that specific day.


Need to see the forecast for two weeks out? What about 2 months out? No problem. Weather Nerd's calendar lets you choose any date (within 1 year) to view a complete forecast.

So if you're thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii in August and you want to see the average temperatures, just change your location to Hawaii and choose your date on the calendar.

In the same way, you can view weather in the past using the calendar. In this case, the report is the actual observed conditions for that date and location.


For the real weather nerds, the "Nerd Out" feature will list out ALL of the weather information, no holds barred.


Weather Nerd lets you setup a daily alert that will include the day's summary, precipitation, high, low, and comparison with yesterday. You can choose the time of the alert (in 15 minute intervals) and you can turn the alert on/off for certain days of the week.

If you set your alert to 6pm or later, then the forecast will be for "tomorrow's" weather.


Most of the data for this app is powered by the unbelievable team at If you haven't already checked out their app "Dark Sky" then you should do so immediately.

They combine data from up to 18 different sources and use statistical analysis to create the most accurate forecast possible.

You can learn more about this process at their website:

Don't worry - Weather Nerd doesn't download 18 different forecasts to your phone and use up all of your data plan. The forecasts are pre-compiled into a single, tidy, lightweight report.


Some of you nerds like to use widgets on the iOS Today view. No problem. Weather Nerd comes packaged with 3 different widgets for your viewing pleasure including graphs for the "Next Hour", "Daily Overview", and "Upcoming Week".


Prefer "feels like" temperatures over "actual"? Just switch it in your settings!