iTeach Physics

iTeach Physics
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iTeach Physics:

Physics is that part of science that deals with the study of matter, its motion, energy and force. iTeach physics is designed especially for students of all age groups. iTeach physics is not only useful for students, but also is very handy for professors, lecturers who can refer any important topic amidst teaching or for any other reference. Is a very handy application for High school physics exam or physics quiz competition which is usually held in many school and intermediate levels. iTeach physics covers most of the formulas along with its dimension.

Some Key features of iTeach are:

iTeach physics covers almost all the units with a brief description of each formula, relevant examples.
iTeach physics can be used as a study guide for physics Q&A.
Useful for everyday classes.
Option of pinch and zoom out for better visibility of content.
Provides you with the option of copy & paste any part of the content with diagram.
The only complete educative app having both landscape and portrait view for better understanding.

iTeach physics contains 16 units keeping in mind of students of from all age groups. Once downloaded, forget the need of internet to search for any formula or any information related to physics.


Units, Measurements & Dimensions
Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M)
Fluid Mechanics
Nuclear Physics
Simple Machines
Electric Current

This application is designed by team Patron, and verified and checked by professionals who hold a Master's degree from University of Leicester, UK & San Jose State University, California

It is true and a well know fact that there are good books, materials available in the market, Sources from internet...etc, where information related to physics is easily available, but Patron provides a more mobile, flexible, easy and dynamic platform which helps anyone to revise as and when required. It is always a better option to have all the resources available under one book rather than searching for each chapter or definition from various resources and wasting your valuable time...!!!