Alertic - Weather Alerts

Alertic - Weather Alerts
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Get all weather alerts into your notifications centre in advance.

Alertic is a smart weather app that notifies you about upcoming weather conditions. Never be surprised by an upcoming rain or temperature change again. We've worked really hard to bring you a delightful user experience by keeping the interface simple and the data structured. The result of our efforts is a weather app for people that don’t care about meteorology, but about the weather.

Available Notifications:

- Precipitation (Rain, Snow, Sleet)
- Wind Speed
- Slippery Ice
- Sun Burn
- Temperature Rise & Fall
- Temperature Minimum & Maximum
- Low visibility
- Sunrise & Sunset

Available features:

- Clean, gesture-driven interface
- Celsius & Fahrenheit support
- Customizable notifications settings
- Hourly forecast for the day
- Hourly temperature & precipitation graph
... much more

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